Self & Social Awareness High School

Topics to help with promoting self and social awareness at the high school level:

Self Worth and Identity

Self image is how we perceive ourselves and determine our sense of self worth, whereas our identity is how we present ourselves. Both have many influencing factors, which is why providing students with healthy tools and strategies to promote and monitor their own self worth is important for the maintenance of emotional well being.

Body Image

A great topic to incorporate media literacy and explore how the media influences our concept of the ideal body and what is deemed as beautiful.

Gender Identity and Expression

Respecting the gender diversity in a school community and building an environment that is respectful, accepting, and free from discrimination by educating students on this subject.

Gender Stereotyping

Gender stereotyping occurs when we consciously or unconsciously assign traits, characteristics and expectations to a gender. This is a great topic for discussion when exploring media literacy.


Seeking Approval

Often we can get caught up in the web of trying to fit in and seeking the approval of our peers. Balancing a healthy pursuit of belonging while remaining authentic to ourselves is what we want our students to strive for.

The Pressure of Perfect

None of us are perfect. The drive for perfection, whether it be with academics, appearance or athletics, can be a damaging pursuit. The goal for socially and emotionally healthy students is self acceptance. 

Positive and Negative Self Talk

Students will compare positive and negative self talk as well as the concept of automatic thought. They will brainstorm their own list of healthy ways to promote positive self worth.

Understanding Our Brains

Understanding how our brains work not only leads to greater self awareness, but can assist students in managing their behaviour and self regulation. 

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