In order to correctly perceive feelings of others and ourselves – we first have to develop words for those feelings.

Emotional granularity is the ability to differentiate between feelings and articulate our emotional experiences. Developing a larger and more complex feeling vocabulary helps students to better communicate with others about what and how they are feeling. This self awareness is critical to social emotional learning and development.


At the high school level, students most likely have the language needed to share thoughts and emotions. At this stage, they are interpreting and working through not only their own feelings but that of others. By engaging in discussions about the nuances and many underlying causes for emotions, students start to develop an awareness of the complexity of their emotional landscape and become more compassionate communicators.

What’s beneath the emotions?

Brainstorming the emotion icebergs with students is a good step in helping to create self and social awareness.


Asking questions like, “What else might be going on when someone is angry?” is a good start point.

Some videos to Help with Emotion Identification and Strategies to Help:

Jealousy…we’ve all been in that situation before—felt that mix of insecurity and anger. Today on Wellcast, we’re going to give you tips and techniques to taming the green eyed monster in all your relationships. The first step is realizing the cause.

Social Rejection. Being suddenly shunned from a group of peers or friends is damaging to your psyche, and can lead to sadness and emotional pain. This video gives some strategies to help remain healthy, happy and in control when dealing with social rejection.

Embarrassment. This video explains exactly what your brain is doing the moment after an embarrassing event and gives you a three-step method for brushing it off and moving on.

Anger…Did you know that excessive anger can lead to everything from the common cold to heart attacks? This video teaches you how to healthily process your anger in just three simple steps!