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A site created by educators for educators.

A space to explore and find lessons and resources that support student Social and Emotional Learning.

The question is no longer IF SEL improves academic performance, but rather HOW you are going to incorporate it into your teaching.

(Much research has proven the positive correlation between SEL instruction and increased academic achievement; click to see further details on RESEARCH.)

SELspace Learning Modules:

  1. SELspace is divided into carefully considered modules to assist educators in integrating and addressing SEL (Social and Emotional Learning).

  2. Each module looks at essential knowledge and skills related to a student’s social and emotional well-being. The modules collectively support the goal of building a positive community within classrooms, schools, and the communities we live in.

Click on the icons below for descriptions of each module.

The SELspace name and design (logo, module images, organization and set up of modules) are copyrighted and the intellectual property of Pam Parks, the creator of SELspace.


SELspace has some sections that are not entirely complete.

The site is organic and will change and morph as we find cool ideas, great lessons, more insight! Feel free to message us if you have lessons that you think should be featured.

Also note, there are no personal gains from any of the content or the website. Its purpose and our intent is to support educators when integrating SEL into their day.

Thanks for visiting us!

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