How to Use This Site

SELspace is a resource to assist educators incorporating Social and Emotional Learning into their day to day teaching. The knowledge and skills covered in SEL activities often support and reinforce the curriculum educators are already delivering.
The site is divided into modules; they are listed in the navigation bar.
You can also access them on the home page.
When you click on a particular module, you will be taken to the general description home page for that module. There may be an accompanying video for educators to further enhance the details and rationale of the component.
On each module main page you will see buttons for the various divisions: Kindergarten, Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and High School. By clicking on the division you are teaching, you will be taken to a page with division/age appropriate lessons and resources related to various aspects of the module.
Each main page also has button links to “Read Alouds and Resources” as well as  “Creativity and the Arts” that support each module.
While there is no particular order to the modules, “Building Community” is foundational and probably the best place to get started. “Mindful Self Management” is another module to investigate early in the school year in order to reap the tremendous benefits of a mindful practice routine.