Self image is how we perceive ourselves and identity is how we present ourselves. Both are based on many influencing factors.

Our sense of self worth is our “feeling that we are a good person and worthy of being treated with respect” (Miriam Dictionary). Self-worth is at the core of who we are — our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are closely tied into how we view our worthiness and value as human beings. 

Providing students with tools and strategies to promote and monitor their self worth is important for the maintenance of a healthy emotional well being.



Topics to support teaching identity and self worth:

Self Image vs Reality

Our self image does not always match the way others see us. We are often our hardest critics. This short video explores the gap between how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves.

Selfie Project

Watch the journey of a group of high school girls and their mothers, as they create a new type of selfie—one that celebrates their unique beauty. “Selfie” reveals how we have the power to redefine what is beautiful in all of us.

How Girls See Themselves

As girls grow older, beauty related pressures increase—making them believe their appearance isn’t good enough. Make a difference in a girl’s self-esteem and encourage her to realize she doesn’t need to change one thing. 

Define Beauty

Dove asks women what beauty means to them.