Responsible Decision Making Read Alouds & Resources

Should I Share My Ice Cream?

by Mo Willems

Gerald has a big decision to make. But will he make it in time?

This Or That? The Wacky Book of Choices

by Crispin Boyer

Every answer brings you one step closer to discovering your hidden self in this book. Want to find out your ideal career? The country that best suits your idea of the good life? The species of your inner animal? 

What If Everybody Did That?

by Ellen Javernick

If you drop just one soda can out the window, it’s no big deal…right? But what if everybody did that? What if everybody broke the rules…and spoke during story time, didn’t wash up, or splashed too much at the pool? Then the world would be a mess. But what if everybody obeyed the rules so that the world would become a better place?

Would You Rather Shake Like a Dog or Climb Like a Cat?

by Camilla De La Bedoyere

Four non-fiction topics – bugs, sharks, dinosaurs and the human body – are explored with “Would you rather?” questions. From the revolting eating habits of bugs to the amazing senses of sharks, readers will decide what they’d rather eat, where they’d rather live and what super senses they’d rather have. 

What Will It Be, Penelope?

by Tori Corn

Penelope is indecisive. Not making decisions has consequences since choices get taken from her as other people begin to choose for her. Soon Penelope isn’t making any decisions at all. In the end, she realizes that it’s much better to make her own decisions than to have somebody else make them for her.

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