Mindfulness Read Alouds and Resources

What Does It Mean To Be Present?

by Rana Diorio

Follow a group of friends at school, at home, and at the beach as they experience just what it means to be present.

My Magic Breath: Finding Calm Through Mindful Breathing

by Nick Ortner

Sometimes it’s hard to feel happy. With this interactive picture book, children breathe along as they learn how to make angry or sad thoughts disappear.

Mindful Me: Mindfulness and Meditation For Kids

by Whitney Stewart

This guide introduces kids to mindfulness as a way to find clarity, manage stress, handle difficult emotions, and navigate personal challenges. With step-by-step instructions to over thirty breathing, relaxation, and guided meditation exercises, readers will have an entire toolkit at their disposal and writing prompts will help them process their discoveries.

Good Morning, Sunshine

by Trina Markusson

Zachary wakes up feeling worried. His tummy flippity-flops. His heart drums fast. What if today’s spelling test is too hard? What if he’s too nervous to give his book report? Together with his mother, he learns about the power of mindfulness and uses 6 mindfulness tools to find peace and happiness in the precious present moment.

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