Building Community Primary

Topics and activities that assist with building community in the primary classroom:


Primary students must learn to offer sincere apologies to others through direct teaching and modeling.

Don't Laugh At Me Curriculum

With music and other integrated arts activities included in each lesson, and grade level specific modifications, Don’t Laugh at Me engages students in experiences and learning through four cornerstone themes that build essential skills for reducing bullying and conflict, establishing a peaceful, supportive learning environment, and engaging young people in active participation in their community.

Daring Classrooms (K-5)

“We must be guardians of spaces that allow students to breathe, be curious, and to explore the world and be who they are without suffocation. They deserve one place where they can rumble with vulnerability and their hearts can exhale. We should never underestimate the benefit to a child of having a place to belong—even one—where they can take off their armour. It can and often does change the trajectory of their life.”

This is a link to Brene Brown’s K-5 classroom integration plans.