Effective Communication Primary

Primary students are working hard to develop communication skills so they can express themselves clearly and understand the world around them. There are many different ways to give and receive messages. 

Topics to promote effective communication at the primary level include:

Active Listening

Primary students need direct teaching and modeling of listening skills. From listening with your whole body to paraphrasing, active listening is one of the key elements to effective communication.


Primary students are learning when and how to speak so they can best deliver the message they want others to receive.


Students need to learn how to deliver a sincere and effective apology.

"I" Messages

The “I” message is a statement that promotes non-defensive communication, helping students move away from blame to taking responsibility for clearly communicating their feelings in a situation.

Conflict Resolution

Primary students need to learn a variety of strategies they can use to solve conflicts that come up with peers and adults in respectful and satisfying ways.

 The book that is read in this video is a good introduction to many different ways we communicate with one another.