(You will need at least 1 hour for this activity depending on age of students.)

 We all have an inner critic – it is that voice inside our heads that whispers, or yells, negative remarks to you about yourself.

What does your inner critic say to you?

 Brainstorm with students some things their inner critic might say to them.

 Educator can model, with some vulnerability, things that their own inner critic says to them.

Students can jot down a list of statements or words that come to mind when they think of their own inner critic.

 Be a compassionate witness to yourself and others as students do this – it is about noticing and becoming aware.

Share with the group if you feel students are in a safe space to do so – always optional.


Ask students to imagine what their inner creature/critic looks like.


Art Activity

Inner Critic:


This can be done as a drawing or painting as well, but moulding materials are the most expressive medium and allow us to connect to our emotions the most efficiently.


Each student gets a fist full of sculpture material (Model magic, clay, plasticine).

Using modelling material, create your inner critic. 

Magazines, paper, pens to add inner critic words

Optional: Materials to add-on (feathers, stones, toothpicks, beads, etc.)

Share work if you are in a safe space for students – it is optional to share..


Inner Champion:


How can you flip things to change the messages and sculptures so that your inner critic becomes your inner champion? 


Mould and sculpt again – change the message.

Share again.


Quote to share with this activity: 

“Each day, our tribe of language holds what we call the world together. Yet the uttering of the word reveals how each of us relentlessly creates. Everyone is an artist! Each person brings sound out of silence and coaxes the invisible to become visible” John O’Donohue