Dance is expressive movement with purpose and form. All dance communication is transmitted through movement – that is, through the body movements and gestures of the dancer. A dancer is, therefore, both the performer and the instrument through
which dance is expressed. Through exploring dance and movement, students will develop an understanding of the art form.

This video introduces students to the five Elements of Dance.

The "I Can Dance" Series

Hannah Beach created the “I Can Dance” series to help support children and youth in exploring feelings, ideas, and experiences through movement, and extracting the dance from within. With 6 inspiring titles, available in French and English, the “I Can Dance” series promote self-expression and learning through movement by representing themes like colours, feelings, and even food in a dance movement format. The books are designed for children Kindergarten to Grade 6, and are accompanied by a CD with music to help participants dance out the themes in the book.

Videos to Use for Dance:

Contemporary – girls – play without music – focus on tableau groupings – emotion – grades 7, 8 high school

Grades 7, 8 high school – 2 guys – contemporary – very emotional – yoga moves to dance

Kinder Scarf Dance

Scarf Water Dance – 6. 7, 8 high school – contemporary, environment

7, 8 high school – scarf – drugs –  contemporary girls

Korean Scarf Dance – idea

Dance to hearing impaired

Act of love – animal courtship dance

High school students dance about fear

The 5 elements of dance