Self Portraits

Malaguzzi and Musatti (1996), Pelo (2007) believe that self-portraiture is deeply connected to children’s identity perceptions … stories children tell in their portraits:

A self-portrait is an intimate, bold declaration of identity. In ger self-portrait, a child offers herself as both subject and artist. When we look at her self-portrait, we see a child as she sees herself. The story of self-portrait work is a tender story to tell.

How to Approach Drawing Self-Portraits

An article about what to focus on when drawing self-portraits with primary age students.

Video for Drawing Self-Portraits

A video that shows step-by-step instructions on drawing a self-protrait.


When students create a self-portrait, they are considering how they want to represent themselves. They are considering how they want the world to see them. They are learning that the way they see themselves and the way the world sees them may be different.

Nature Self-Portrait

Students can connect with nature by searching for objects they can use to create a self-portrait.