Influencing Factors Primary

Self image is how we perceive ourselves and identity is how we present ourselves. Both are based on many influencing factors.

After introducing the topics of Self Image and Identity, the discussion should be followed by the various factors that influence both out perception of self and how we present ourselves (i.e., age, sex, gender, religion, culture, social class, language(s) spoken, race, where you live, family, placement in family, personal interests, level of ability, appearance, friends, media, personality/temperament, …)

Start by brainstorming all the factors that students feel have an impact on who they are. Introduce any factors they may not have considered.

Gingerbread Identity Activity

Once students have a sense of the many factors that have influenced their self image and identity, provide them with a gingerbread template that they can fill in with word, symbols, or drawn details that represent all the factors that have influenced their identity.

Words Hurt

In this activity, students will learn that words can hurt and cause long lasting damage to a person’s self-image