Self & Social Awareness Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a place of introduction and transition into the school system. It’s our role as educators to help, guide and instruct students to interpret and assimilate into this new environment; to instill definitive attitudes, behaviours and skills essential for success.

Before venturing further into this module be sure to have read and implemented the Kindergarten Building Community Module.

Topics to help with promoting self and social awareness at the kindergarten level include:

The activities below are designed to afford each child opportunities to practice and increase listening skills, critical thinking skills, and social skills. These activities offer daily experiences to learn and display respectful behaviour as they get to know and value each other. This all serves in guiding the kinder class to becoming a positive functional community.

Kinderbunny Special

Kinderbunny Specials are presentations that allow students to become better acquainted with each other. They build community as well as foster the development of communication skills. Each day a different student is featured and given an opportunity to make a presentation on a given topic. Some topics include: my name, my family, my home, 

You're the Teacher

Students come to life when they get to be the teacher! Once a month or so, students are asked to share some information on a give topic (Some themes include healthy habits, my body, our world, special days, safety…).Parents are asked to discuss the topic with their child then help them prepare and rehearse their presentation. Photos, books, related objects, homemade posters or banners are welcome! These props can provide support and guidance for the presenter.

Book Response

Book response is an introduction to book reports. Students will read a book from the classroom library with the help of adults at home. Adults will also help them fill out a sheet with sections about: thumbs up or thumbs down and a response to the book (my favourite part, favourite character, favourite illustration, a connection to the book, something they found funny).

“What I Am”

Sesame Street