Self Care

After reflecting and brainstorming their own list of healthy ways to promote positive self worth, students can create their own “Self Care” Bingo Cards.


When brainstorming, you can prompt student thinking with questions like:

  • What do you do to cheer yourself up?
  • What activities bring you joy or make you happy?
  • What are some places that make you happy when you visit them?
  • Who are some people or animals that bring out the best in you when you spend time with them?
  • What are some things you do to look after yourself or that help you to be your best self?
  • What helps you to feel calm?

Once students have a good list of their own self care ideas, they can begin to illustrate and fill in a blank bingo card. All squares should have a different self care activity and each card will be unique to the student who has created it.

As a homework assignment, students can be asked to get as many rows or columns and possibly fulfill the ultimate challenge of filling the whole card!