Gender Stereotyping:

Gender stereotyping occurs when we consciously or unconsciously assign traits or characteristics to a gender.


Have students brainstorm some of the gender stereotypes they are aware of before showing the videos below.

Videos to share with students when discussing gender stereotyping:

Childhood Gender Roles in Adult Life

People have occasionally felt pressure to act or look a certain way based on their gender. This pressure can make people unhappy, if they are being asked to be or act in a way that does not match who they really are. Today people have more freedom than ever to express themselves in ways that feel true to who they are, regardless of their gender.

Questions to Ask:

What does stereotype mean?

What are some examples of gender stereotypes?

Are babies born with stereotypes programmed in their brains?

What influences the development of stereotypes?

Gender Stereotyping (girls): #likeagirl

Gender Stereotyping (boys):

At first glance, Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress, may appear primary in it’s content. The setting is a Kindergarten room and the main character a Kindergarten child. However, this picture book is a story for all ages especially when exploring the topic of how we assign gender roles and stereotype children at a very early age. The underlying message of courage, acceptance of self, and breaking through gender stereotypes are all important themes that leave us with a feeling of empowered hope in being true to who we are