OPHEA (Ontario Physical and Health Education Association) has created several videos and lesson plans that address internet safety.

In the lesson plans, students will apply a decision-making model and use problem solving skills to address risks and dangers to their own personal safety and the safety of others in a variety of situations.

Grade 4:

Topics covered: netiquette, cyberbullying (online) vs. bullying (offline), passwords – keeping them private, information posted online – it can live forever and be difficult to delete


Online Privacy and Security; Cyberbullying

Making Decisions

Grade 5:

Topics Covered: real life vs. online life, making difficult online decisions, cyberbullying, harassment

Chat Room Ethics

Cyberbullying and Harassment

Privacy, Cyberstalking and Harassment

Grade 6:

Topics Covered: cyber civics, gaming addictions, webcams, risqué texting, cyberbullying and bystanders, privacy and security settings

Impact of Cyberbullying

Consequences and Community Connections