Mindful Bodies:

Students benefit from learning to quiet their minds and simply “be present” in the busy classrooms. Setting aside a short period of time each day to practice coming into “mindful bodies” will help establish the safe, nurturing, peaceful environment that benefits everyone in the school. 

Begin by teaching students that sitting in a “mindful body” means sitting with legs crossed, hands resting on knees, straight backs with the head reaching up toward the sky, and closed eyes (or eyes cast downward to look at the floor). The first few sessions ask students to focus on what they hear when they are in their mindful bodies. This allows them to focus only on the present moment.


Focus on the Breath:

As students build their stamina for sitting in mindful bodies they can be asked to focus on their breathing and taking note of how slowing their breathe will help them to feel more calm. There are several breathing techniques students can use. 

Belly Breathing

Rainbow Breathing

Candle and Flower Breathing

Relaxed Breathing

Scan Your Body:

Once they are confident that they use their breath to stay focused on the present moment, students can expand their awareness to scan their bodies. The goal is to be aware of how the body feels, not to try to change the feeling.

Giving Love:

Students can use mindful practice to send love to themselves and to others.

Love and Kindness

Self Love

Loving Kindness