Classroom Yoga

There are many classroom resources available to support teachers who want to teach yoga to their students. Classroom yoga can be used as a transition between subjects or routines throughout the day.

I AM PEACE Song created with permissions about the book I AM PEACE (Abrams) written by Susan Verde, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.

Yoga Pretzels

Convenient cards can be used to support educators and students as they learn different yoga poses they can practice in the classroom.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Making yoga and mindfulness fun for kids since 2012. Free adventures on YouTube. Online kids yoga teacher training. Kids yoga DVDs. Kids yoga class plans.


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8 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief For Kids | GoZen!

Do you ever feel like you have the world on your shoulders – between being a parent, a partner, a friend – and then notice a shoulder muscle that won’t relax?