Teaching Mindfulness provides students with strategies they can use to self manage when experiencing heightened emotions.

Mindful Moments

Mindful moments can help improve focus and executive functioning. Explore different approaches to mindful moments. Try them all or find what works for you and your class.


Yoga is an active form of mindfulness that also benefits a student’s physical well-being. Incorporating yoga into daily physical activity has many benefits including increased flexibility, strength, and posture, reduced stress levels, and better all around fitness.

Videos to help when teaching about and establishing mindfulness practice at the high school level:


What is Mindfulness?

This short video explains what mindfulness is.

Mindfulness Basics

Athletes and rap artists discuss what mindfulness is and its impact in their lives.


Benefits of Mindfulness

This short video highlights the many benefits of mindfulness.

Mindfulness: How it Empowers Us

This video highlights an Indigenous legend about two wolves.

The Scientific Power of Meditation

This video goes into the scientific research behind mindfulness and its impact on our brains and ultimately our focus.

Mindful vs Mindless

This short video highlights the differences between mindful and mindless behavior.

Finger Tracing

Finger Tracing is a great start point for students to practice mindful breathing.