Role playing is a key component of the drama curriculum.

Pretending to be someone else involves an act of the imagination that is of central importance in the development of the ability to empathize with others.  Students will also learn to use language effectively to communicate a character’s emotional state and point of view. This  can also help to promote a kindness lens.

Give some examples of scenarios that happen at school or home with students. Brainstorm some together, then have students each write one that you can throw into a hat for roleplaying. (Preview them first and help students tweak them if necessary.)


 Some examples of possibilities:

  • You are playing with your friends and someone you don’t usually play with asks if they can join the group.

  • You are in a group with your friends and your best friend makes an off handed joke about someone’s size. You can tell through body language that it really hurt the person’s feelings, but they didn’t say anything. What do you do or say?

  • You have one friend who insists they want to spend time only with you next recess. You have other friends who you would equally like to spend time with, what do you do?