It can be difficult for primary students to understand the impact that their words can have on others. They need practice and support to learn how their words can be helpful or hurtful.

James learns to consider the impact of his words on others in this video. Students are given five steps to consider:

1. THINK about your words.

2. DECIDE if they will make a friend feel good or bad.

3. LISTEN if your friend is talking.

4. ASK to do or talk about something else.

5. KEEP it to yourself if your words are not kind.


This lesson focuses on the damage that hurtful words cause.

It is hard to stay positive when someone has been unkind, but this video encourages students to be positive leaders.

Teachers can watch this video for a good object lesson to show students the impact of their words.

Kid President uses his humour and positive attitude to encourage us to use kind words every day.