Creating a Community of Empathetic and Caring Citizens

Character Rotations

Students learn more than just  content as they rotate through various character themed workshops. Each group consists of students from all the various classes and grades in the school. Students are grouped  outside the comfort zone of their class and grade. Older students have an opportunity to shine as they assist and act as role models to younger students. Younger students feel more at ease with the older students in the school. A great way to build school community! Workshops can be run by guests or teachers around character based themes.

Character Conferences

Conferences are based on a chosen theme and can be run the entire day. The Conference model involves a motivational opening assembly followed by a series of workshops. Every student in the school attends workshops around the theme. On a conference day, the workshops can be run by invited guests; teachers act as hosts and supervise student behaviour. The groupings for the conference workshops are cross grade groupings.The day closes with all students coming together for a closing assembly.

Kindness Activities/Kindness Week

A focus on kindness and kind actions can enhance the positive interactions in a community. This pay it forward and promotion of kindness does not have to be limited to initiatives for students, but can extend to staff and the interactions between adults. For ideas when planning your kindness initiatives, click this blurb to check out ideas in the Kind Action module.