The Five Areas Involved in Solidifying Skills Necessary for a Kinder Classroom to Function:

*done both individually and as a group (important to model, reinforce, recognize and celebrate publicly!)
*all five are ongoing and overlap

Kindergarten is a child’s first exposure to school and sometimes a child’s first time together in a large group with other children. Consistent modeling of all desirable behaviour, is the key to developing a positive classroom environment.

Explicitly Teaching

We take a lot for granted and assume that children know and understand basic instructions and routines. This is often far from true. If you want a certain behaviour, or practice established,  you must teach it. We must explicitly teach the what, how and why.


The only way to confidence and mastery is through repeated practice. With each stage of explicit teaching, children build on previous learning and integrate it into their continued practice.


When students are learning and practicing new skills, it is important to actively recognize them as they work toward mastery. Be specific with your recognition. Stay away from “good job!” as that gives the child no information about what they are doing right. Say things like, “I see you holding the door for your classmate, thank you for being so thoughtful.”


Celebrating successes and being specific about the greatness or success you are celebrating is important for students to maintain their excitement about learning. Having a communal signal of acknowledgment  to celebrate individual progress or success of their peers is a way to build a mutually supportive community.

It is our job to teach what it means (define) and then facilitate the practice. Recognize when it is happening, help them recognize it
“Oh, I just heard someone make a good choice…what did they say?”
Stop and notice the behaviour then celebrate it. Facilitate the learning… IF you check in and they don’t know, get another friend to help or explain.