Tenet 2: There are no bad children; only bad choices.

Rule #1 in Kindergarten: There are NO BAD BOYS OR BAD GIRLS, JUST BAD CHOICES.

 When we make bad choices or mistakes it is a lesson so we can learn to make a better choice the next time. Bad choices can be changed.

 Separating the person from the behaviour, especially with our intense and sometimes aggressive students is paramount.

Behaviour is a form of communication.

Peacebreaker behaviour is simply an indication of frustration and loss of control.

We need to explore the feelings or thoughts behind the negative behaviour (identify emotions and help give the tools and strategies to verbalize), easing the frustration by offering alternative solutions.

“Please talk to you hands. Tell them, please stop hitting.”

“Tell your feet…no more kicking.”

“Your cars are being too noisy. Can you please tell them to stop…otherwise they might not be able to play at playtime.”

By personifying the parts of the body, or the objects involved,  the behaviour is the focus rather than the child. This instantly diffuses the situation. Rather than inviting a defensive reaction, they are provided the opportunity to control/change their behaviour.