By junior grades, students have been steadily learning how to become compassionate, positively contributing members of a learning community. It is an important time for them not only to continue to apply these skills on an individual basis,

but also to now learn and develop skills that help them become role models and leaders within their community. Leaders who sponsor the development of the same positive skill base.

 While the skills and lessons provided throughout the various junior modules all support this, we included some introductory lessons to leadership within this Building Community module.

To reflect on their own development and growth as a leader, possible journal entries might include:

1) Based on what you now know about leadership, list three leadership traits that you possess and give examples of how you are demonstrating each one.

2) Describe how your leadership training is helping you in some of the roles you are taking on at school.

3) Why would you rather have a teacher who’s a leader rather than a boss? Give examples of what a boss teacher might say and do compared to what a teacher who’s a leader.

Click the fish icon to connect with a great online leadership resource full of activities for junior students.