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A heart centered blogspace for educators.

Most brave souls who enter the field of education hope to positively impact student lives and leave the world just a little bit better.

Sure… many are excited about the content they teach and their enthusiasm engages and leads to enhanced learning, but I have not met many educators who are driven solely by their subject matter. Educators know in their hearts that if students don’t feel safe, connected, and cared about at school, they aren’t able to reach their true potential.

Teaching is not about the summers off, the highlighters, sticky notes, or a workday that is believed to end at 3 pm (We all know it doesn’t!!). For those of us in it, truly realizing the privilege and responsibility of working with children (and yes,teenagers are still children), it is a calling, a matter of the heart. 

Before the academics will stick, the heart space must be nurtured.

May this blog space be a forum for kind and supportive heart based learning.

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